Watchout 5

Our New WATCHOUT Machine Can:

  • display up to 6 high definition screens simultaneously
  • display most common types of graphics and video
  • control audio cues
  • control automated lighting cues

All from a single cpu

Making the WOW Factor Affordable

The Ploar Playground


Welcome to the Polar Playground at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Here is a perfect example of an application suitable for Dataton's WATCHOUT system. Projected onto the curve back screen is a high definition animation depicting the 12 basic behavioral patterns of penguins. WATCHOUT was chosen because of it's ability to combine screen shaping with screen blending as well as it's ability to mask the image so as not to project image on the rocks below.

With the release of version 5 of the WATCHOUT software by Dataton, the WATCHOUT system has zoomed passed the competition in cost versus performance with the ability to access graphic cards with multiple high definition video outputs. The example above exemplifies that fact. It was accomplished with 3 projectors, necessitating owning 3 display computers to run the show. Now, that is reduced to a single machine and key, literally cutting the cost of the WATCHOUT installation by 60%.